Monday, April 26, 2010


That was awesome. Super fun race. First elite race in Ontario this year was at Mansfield outdoor center. Woke up bright and early at about 8:30 to get my stuff ready and start making pancakes before the fastest chauffeur on two wheels arrived at my house. Pancakes were....delicious. Aunt Jemima can adopt me if she really wants to.
Arrived in time to get the scoop on the course from Barry and be re-assured that it wasn't ni face going to rain cats and dogs. That was a huge bonus but at that time I wasn't quite sure how much dust I was to be swallowing in the near future so I was only temporarily put at ease. Elite men had a hugenormous field this race as team QC came down to hang out too. It made things better too because Im sure it pushed the pace a bit. Once we went off I had slotted myself into a great position through the first lap moving nice and quick through the singletrack with all my pieces in tact and then came around to the feed zone with a big smile on my face thinking I could totally do this for another hour and a half. By the 4th lap, I had started to fade a bit for sure and was making silly mistakes in some of the singletrack. I misjudged a corner a bit and accidentally ran my front wheel off the track and burped it just slightly. Not to worry, the group I was in didn't get too far away as I re-inflated it with mach speed. However, when I was sprinting back up to them to catch up, it was lights out for me. I turned off. I for sure didnt drink enough water throughout the race and that sprint to catch the group I was in just flatlined me. I finished the race in an ok position but could have definitely done better. Had a great night with some tasty Thai food and a Mcflurry to make me feel better.

Overall, great experience, Can't wait to race some more and finally get all this dust out of my lungs from yesterday.

Friday, April 16, 2010