Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Albion was cold. Extremely cold, snowing in fact.

When I woke up bright and early in the AM waiting for my chauffeur and current expert series leader to come and pick me up. It's becoming a bit of a tradition for us to eat pancakes pre ontario world cup races and Sunday was no exception.

The drive up there was pretty uneventful aside from the snow. Zach and I were half hoping that our bikes didn't work when we got there so that we didn't have to race in sub zero temperatures.

As it turns out, when you push yourself to go as fast as possible, you warm up pretty fast.

My race was far from perfect but my lap times were much more consistent than Mansfield at least, so things are looking up for me. I gotta say, I'm loving being able to race against these guys. Ontario is such an amazing place for those who want to expose themselves to proper elite racing as we have some of the best mountain bike organizers, some of the fastest guys and gals and also some of the best sponsors you could ever hope for.

This year has been a bit of an eye opener but even though so far my results haven't been that amazing, Im sure they are going to get better, especially now that I have a proper coach and some new tools to help me train.

This weekend was supposed to be the first Canada Cup for me but I think I'm going to be sitting this one out and opting for the 8 hour on Saturday. I think the environment will be nice and relaxed for me to get some decent training in at Mansfield, which for what it's worth, is a 29er's dream.

As a bonus to myself, I got a sweet copy of 'Race Across the Sky' to watch tonight. Should get me psyched up to head out on my bike tomorrow.

See ya!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Success on examinations.

I hate that I have allowed myself to become one of those bloggers that starts every post with "sorry its been a while' or something similar but things have been INSANE these past few weeks. Work has been crazy in the store as the days are getting nicer and nicer. It's always nice to have the store be busy because you can appreciate that more and more people are getting into the sport but holy smokes, some of those busy weekend days can take years off your life.

With nicer days though comes the anticipation and desire to ride more. Training has been going well since Mansfield. I had a good week capped off by a 4 hour or so mtb ride on Sunday that was great. Felt like I was 1 step ahead of this massive rain cloud the entire time.

This week leading up to Albion looks promising too. Im looking forward to using my new fancy little yellow computer that tells me when I'm slacking off. Seems like a good purchase so far.

In other news, today I saw a nutritionist. I am fully willing to admit that I have the most spastic diet ever and I'm hoping she can help. It went really well and I got a whole bunch of interesting ideas passed along. The only thing that is going to take a bit of getting used to is ditching coffee, or seriously cutting back at the very least. I think I can handle it.

Going for a good ride tomorrow and will regale all with photos and potentially a new video entry. Watch for the shoddy camera work.