Wednesday, April 27, 2011

word up

Two beauties to start you off with.

Lots to catch up on here.

I’ll; try to touch on all the important things that have happened recently and keep it short and sweet because lets be honest, you don’t want to read about every training ride I’ve done since the last time Ive written anything.

One exciting thing that I should touch on is Paris-Ancaster. This was my first race of the season and something that I hadn’t really been doing any specific training for. That being said, I love this race to bits. It’s epic, fast and amazing training for the upcoming season. I think its safe to say that everyone who competed in this years installment of the race can agree with me, especially on the epicness part.

I started off about mid way through the first wave, probably in about 100th position. I knew it was important to get a decent place in the group before you funnel into the first doubletrack along the river, and had the best of intentions to pin it as soon as my feet were clipped in. I guess it panned out? I funneled into the doubletrack in probably the exact same position that I started in and just sort of shrugged it off and kept on plugging. From then on was when my race really got going and it was an attempt to keep picking people off one by one until the end of the race. By midway, the crazy winds and snow squalls were starting to phase me a bit but the Belgium-ness of the race gave me a bit of a second wind and I caught and passed a bunch of people on the second half. Great day overall, love that race and am definitely looking forward to doing it again next year.

I’ve been having some highs and lows with rides recently, and last Friday was for sure one of the highs. I got out with about 15 other people of all skill levels to partake in an annual ride that was started a long time ago by a pretty sweet dude who isn’t with us anymore. We took over the trails and stayed out for about 2-3 hours in beautiful weather albeit a bit windy. Sunday’s ride was pretty uneventful and only lasted 2 hours instead of 4 like I had planned.

These things happen so I won’t sweat it too early in the season. It wont be long till I'm racing and getting my butt handed to me but its all fun and games anyhow. Once the season gets rolling, we will see some drastic improvements and all will be right again. Until then, I’ll be the dude who looks like he is trying harder than everyone to go fast…its because I am.