Friday, February 25, 2011

Candy makes your problems go away.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been given a complex by a co-worker. There is a good chance that come race season I will be hovering in and around the 90lb mark. Lean is good, right? My tactic isn’t going to be just going cold turkey but to slowly ween myself off the stuff and develop the ability to extract vitamins entirely from the sun. It all makes me excited for those hilly courses but something tells me that it may impact my ability to hold myself up with my own strength. Send me an e-mail if you want on the program. *side effects include almost certain death*

Trying out some new products right now….decided to jump on the Ergon bandwagon for my training bike. Using the Leichtbau something or others, the ones that look like real grips, also in baller white. I have toyed with the idea of trying to go with the flanged ones that are all the rage but my hands don’t really like them for some reason. The ones I’m using however are pretty awesome. They have a really good lock on system and are pretty comfy to hold. Only thing that I have to get used to right now is the volume of the grip itself, it’s huge. Only about 80k on them as of now so once that number is a bit higher I will have a bit more of a conclusive answer.

Since last week I have become a huge fan of Greek Yogurt and also adding quinoa to things I normally wouldn’t have before. As far as quinoa goes, I was never very experimental with it, only really adding it to salads and the odd baked good. As I mentioned, I have been a little more careful with what I am eating, and since quinoa is just awesome for making you full…Boom….I start putting it in my eggs, cereal, pancakes, granola (I like breakfast foods at all times of day), sandwiches, and more. Another good rule of thumb is that if it’s going in a pan at any point, you can probably add quinoa to it.

Did some DIY repair to my booties (had to really think for a second before phrasing that) this morning before work with some needle and thread stitching, some epoxy cement and some good old fashioned staples. Looks L-E-G-I-T.

The plan for Monday is to get two hours of riding in before work…going to be arriving at Joyride for 6am. Watch me zoom around on breakfast television.

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