Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Going Viral.

Hopefully this post isn’t so late that Tristan thinks that I have let him down. Apologies if that’s the case.

I took the weekend off of blogging so that I could do two things….1. Get a consistent amount of exercise done and 2. Sort out my internet connection with my provider who shall remain nameless. To give everyone a bit of a recap of my escapades leading up to today, Friday was spent on the internet…not something that concerns any of you at all but my blog is going to take a serious upwards turn in quality once I can stop doing this during my lunch hour or in that scary corner of my house where I can steal a weak signal from someone down the street. I did manage to get some strength training done in the morning but decided to take the day off my bike because I didn’t want to be blown away by the 80 km/h winds on my way to work.

We have a sweet little set up here at Norco for working out. It definitely has everything I need as a cyclist and sure beats paying 300 dollars a year or more at extreme fitness. A lot of the things I have been doing up until now have been very plank/pushup oriented with some minor leg work thrown in there. I have also discovered the art of the skip rope, which is super legit. Helps you with co-ordination a lot and also makes you think you’re Rocky, which I’m super okay with.
The steed. It's working out really well. Fits like a glove.

I spent last week with a combo of strength, rollers, regular trainer, riding outside and snowboarding. Saturdays outside ride was good but I started way too late so the length of ride I was looking for was a bit lacking but my ride back home was incredible. I love this city. Despite all the crappy brown snow…it’s still a pretty good place to train and live.

Here are some pictures that should sum up a general week for you.
Beautiful ride home in the sunset!
Cruising along the Davenport bike lane.
My desk at work!
The faux babe I created on my bulletin board...Silly calendar + wolf shirt = awesome babe.

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